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Haunt The House 2

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Haunt The House 2 is the second edition of the flash game where your main mission is to scary all those poor people who came to the party. You will notice a big house that is full of people. They are drinking and having some fun. You play as a ghost who has to scare the people and make their life a total nightmare. To control your ghost, you must use [W][A][S][D]  buttons. Remember that you can possess objects with your soul. As soon as you possess an object, you must make spooky action to scare the nearby people. At the beginning of the game, the atmosphere of the house is relaxed, people are having good time. You must scare the people to unlock all spooky actions. Press spacebar possess the object and arrow buttons to activate spooky action. Have fun with the full version of the Haunt The House 2 flash game. Enjoy other scary games at our website.